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"To be the most trusted crypto company, enabling our customers to discover, own, and utilize digital assets."

Mode was created with a vision: to help accelerate the world's transition to a digital financial system combining the best of payments, investment, loyalty, and digital assets.

Mode's aim is to build a next-generation ecosystem that transforms the way in which consumers and businesses transact, leveraging the power of Open Banking, and giving digital assets the place they deserve in today's modern economy.

Boasting over 200 years of combined experience, the directors and executive team at Mode have led highly-reputable careers in financial services and technology in the UK and Europe. With such unrivalled expertise, our goal is to become a regulated financial services offering payments and digital asset services for both consumers and businesses in the UK. Welcome to Mode.

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Jonathan Rowland

Jonathan Rowland


Rita Liu

Rita Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Morecraft

Richard Morecroft

Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Conway

Jose Sanchez Loureda

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Stones

Oliver Haley


Nathalie Hoon

Nathalie Hoon

General Counsel

Ariane Murphy

Grace Moloney

Head of Compliance

Ariane Murphy

Laura Pappi


Joe Rizzo

Joe Rizzo


Joe Rizzo

Ash Barwick


David Anderson

Rodrigo Rosa

Strategic Partnership

David Anderson

Julie Sand



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