January 18, 2022


Year in Review: A look back at 2021 🍾

In a year that saw record-breaking milestones for Bitcoin, we look back at some of the biggest Mode moments over the last 12 months.

Mode | Year in Review: A look back at 2021

Written by Amy Wilkinson

At times, 2021 was formidable - but what it also offered was the chance to push boundaries, fight challenges, and take opportunities we otherwise may have missed. From working with office dogs to working alone, like most across the country, our team continually adapted to ever-changing landscapes to build the Mode we know today - and boy are we proud!

For the team here at Mode, we’re humbled and honoured to be able to highlight a number of landmark achievements that have paved the way for an exciting year ahead.

Bitcoin Cashback: Making Bitcoin even more accessible 💸

With new all-time highs and near-constant headlines, this year saw a surge in new Bitcoiners globally. As a Bitcoin-based product, Mode welcomed newbies to the space with all the support we could.

In October, we launched our first-ever Bitcoin Cashback product, which opened up opportunities for millions of UK shoppers to earn Bitcoin through safe and secure avenues when they shop online at a number of partner brands. The move put Mode at the forefront of online shopping, offering store visitors the opportunity to accrue the best-performing asset of the decade safely and securely.

This was just a stepping stone on the path to building a more inclusive ecosystem with Bitcoin Cashback, as we look towards 2022 which promises to be a year of more opportunities for both Bitcoin Newbies and Bitcoin old-timers to earn and grow Bitcoin. Watch this space!

#PayWithMode: Shopping, made simple 🛍

At Mode HQ, we work endlessly to improve and grow our products so that we’re always building the best for our users. Another big launch for Mode last year came synergistically with our first Bitcoin Cashback offering and held a clear focus on the expansion of our Open Banking integration.

In October, we launched #PayWithMode alongside our new Bitcoin Cashback product. At selected partner brands, millions of shoppers can now choose to checkout with Mode at their favourite stores to not only earn Bitcoin Cashback, but also enjoy instant mobile payments with Open Banking.

In a nutshell: No more cards, no more CVV’s, and no more billing addresses 🙅 Just seamless and secure payments.

Giving back: We launched Mode for Charities ❤️

It’s in our DNA to continually work on expanding opportunities in the Bitcoin space, and not just for customers. In 2021 we launched Mode for Charities - a platform that gives people the ability to make fee-free donations to selected charity partners of Mode.

When customers donate with Mode for Charities, 100% of the proceeds go to the selected charity through the power of Open Banking, meaning even more support for these crucial organisations.

We’ll be working on growing our network of charities in 2022 to include more organisations that are doing incredible work for communities across the UK. As our motto goes: we’re stronger together 💪

Bitcoin Payroll: Driving Bitcoin adoption 🛣

Last year saw things heat up in the #paymeinbitcoin movement. Here at Mode, we decided to put the hashtag into action.

Starting with our own team, in November last year, we launched the UK’s first-ever Bitcoin payroll pilot that would offer Mode employees the option to receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoin each month. This move could be a huge step towards normalising the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in an otherwise traditional financial framework.

Word on the street is that our team is loving their Bitcoin salary… 👀

And that’s not all 🏔

It’s safe to say last year was monumental for Mode, with some incredible learnings and major moves. Without further ado, here’s an overview of a few more highlights for Mode in 2021:

  • We joined the Crypto Climate Accord to aim for net-zero by 2030  🍃 Read more >
  • We teamed up with Bitcoin sensation Anthony Pompliano 🤝 Read more >

2021 saw huge success for Mode, and it’ll certainly be one for the record books! We’ve got some pretty cool things lined up for the year ahead, so stay tuned for updates, let us know any feedback or ideas (we wouldn’t be where we are without you ❤️), and most importantly - happy hodling!

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