We’ve scrapped our fees. You’re welcome! 0% trading fees 🤑 for all users. Offer ends in 45d : 23h : 11m : 32s

We’ve reduced our trading fees to 0%  for all users. Offer ends in   45d : 23h : 11m : 32s

London, December 2020

Our story. The Mode story.

Welcome to Mode.

We’re a team of experienced investors, technologists and fintech specialists with over two hundred years of combined experience delivering cutting edge services in the UK, Europe and across the world.

You might know us as a Bitcoin app, but our vision spans far wider than making Bitcoin mainstream. We’re going for something bigger, something more ambitious. In fact, we’re here to disrupt the entire financial system and build what we believe to be the financial products of tomorrow, today.

Our customers are front and center in this story. That’s why, we thought long and hard about how we could make your financial lives easier. What we came up with is a vision to build a next-generation financial ecosystem that connects consumers and businesses and combines the best in payments, investment, loyalty and digital assets to offer a full suite of financial services, in one single super app.

At Mode, the spirit of open access and opportunity runs through our DNA. We believe in building accessibility, transparency and credibility around digital assets, and we’ve made it our mission to propel an unprecedented wave of democratisation and inclusion. That is one of the reasons why we chose to IPO on the London Stock Exchange in October (2020), making us one of the first financial services companies in the UK and around the world to be public and have a consumer digital asset offering.

In addition to boosting access to digital assets, we plan to unleash the potential of Open Banking, a revolutionary technology that we believe will allow us to build a new payments ecosystem that serves businesses and customers better, and transforms the way that people manage their finances.

We’re all about hard work, ambition, and developing something truly ground breaking for our customers. We’re committed to making your financial lives easier, and redefining the way people use financial services, once and for all.

We hope you enjoy the journey just as much as we do!

Kind regards,

The Mode team

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We’ve scrapped the fees. You’re welcome!

Mode customers can now buy & sell Bitcoin and enjoy 0% trading fees 🤑. Get started now to get more Bitcoin for your money!

Offer ends Dec 31, 2021.

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